About Us

Keto-Pro... We're a small family run business through our love of Ketosis and Low Carb diets in general, offer personally tried and tested top quality products and coaching. From our journey through Ketosis, we have hand picked a range of products we believe to be among the best on the market to enable any Keto-Pro or beginner to thrive during their lifestyle change! 

We believe that being healthy shouldn't cost the Earth, that's why we endeavour to keep our prices as low as possible. 

We aim to offer TOP quality, personally tried and tested products at a low prices with a FIRST CLASS customer service to boot! 

Our goal is to build our business based on VOLUME over MARGIN. Put simply, we would rather make only £1 per sale and have 100 sales over having 1 sale making £100.  Customer satisfaction & repeat business are the backbone of our success!

My Journey... Pre-Keto & During Keto

Life : Pre-Keto



Keto-Pro... We are a small family run business and we want to spread the word about Ketosis! 

A similar diet to that which man has lived on for most of it's existence. Until we started cultivating and more recently eating processed food we were eating lots of fish, meat, leafy greens, nuts seeds and berries. It was a fat high, high protein diet.


The life expectancy in the Paleolithic period past infancy was between 50 - 60, which is pretty impressive as they had no medication or antibiotics!


My name is Richard and this was the old me! I was pre-diabetic with a body fat percentage around 40%. I was constantly lethargic, no energy to train or even enjoy days out with my family. I hated the way I looked but had no 'get-up and go' to do anything about it! 


I suffer with back pain and get lots of acne all over my body, have done since I was a young teen and never grew out of them. I suffer from debilitating migraines... nearly every day! I go blind with them and can't function at all when I have them. All medication issued by my doctor had stopped working over the years which forced me to use the only thing that still worked... a FULL pack of paracetamol EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! This was having a detrimental effect on my kidneys. 


I booked in for a 'Well Man' test with my doctor to find my blood glucose levels were through the roof, my blood pressure was high, my kidneys were in bad shape and my Pattern B LDL (bad) cholesterol was high.


I hated life and had no right to. I had a good job, a house and a beautiful wife & daughter. 


...Until Ketosis came into my life. I was introduced to Keto by my friend Jonathan. He told me about a diet (which soon became a lifestyle change) called Ketosis. Ketosis burned fat for fuel, which is fab if you're looking to lose body fat... and I had plenty of that to lose! But also boasted huge health benefits.


A diet that burns fat for fuel and makes you healthier for it?? Seems way too good to be true, but at this point in my life I had damaged and abused my body so much that nothing else could make it any worse! So I decided to give it a go.

Life... Just LIFE



So, let's give this Keto thing a crack... WOW! talk about life changing!

Within the first month I lost 2 stone, by month 4 I had lost an amazing 4 stone.... 4 stone, that's 56lbs in 120 days!


I had cut my carb intake dramatically and was now a super-efficient fat burning machine! 


But did I lose energy, was I still feeling lethargic? For a little while, Yes! but after that?... The switch flicked and I was now Keto adapted and I had more energy than I've ever had before! So much I started training again!


My Migraines had nearly disappeared and now barely take paracetamol once a fortnight, my acne had completely cleared up, aches and pains in my back were non-existent and more importantly, I started to love life again!


But what about my health beneath the surface?... Well, I booked myself in for another 'Well Man' Test with my doctor, this just seemed too good to be true, I was eating 60-80% fat all day, Pork Chops with all the fat, Chicken with the crispy skin, Lamb, Steak and Cheese on the side with most of it and felt the best I've ever felt! I knew something that felt this good couldn't be bad for me, despite going against everything I was brought up to believe, but got tested anyway. 


The results... well, my sugar glucose levels had dropped to normal, my blood pressure was perfect, my liver & kidney function were superb my heart function was exceptional and my HDL (good) cholesterol was up and my Pattern B LDL (small dense bad cholesterol) was down!


The doctor told me the results were comparable to that of an athlete! I was 33 years of age an officially in the BEST shape of my life! 


What Next!... 

Well now I want to spread the word about this diet / lifestyle change which has literally changed my life!


I'm not saying this is a miracle cure and it won't work for everybody, but if it worked for me... maybe it can work for you too!