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Benefits of the Ketogenic Lifestyle?

PROMOTE HEALTHY AGEING . The keto diet can help you age gracefully by promoting a healthy metabolism that enhances mental function and preserves your muscle tissue. . . It’s normal to lose some of your mental sharpness and physical strength as you get older. But dementia and muscle wasting are not normal and lead to loss of independence and a severely diminished quality of life in old age. . . Insulin resistance in your brain increases your chances of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, but improving insulin sensitivity can help. . . For people who are already dealing with cognitive decline, ketosis or exogenous ketone supplements can provide an efficient alternative fuel source of brain fuel. Ketones can improve mental clarity, decrease the rate of cognitive decline, and increase brain health in older people. . . A keto diet with adequate protein, rich in healthy fats, can also help you maintain a healthy body weight and preserve muscle mass as you age. For even better results, you can pair it with resistance training, which is proven to increase strength and mobility during aging. . . ‘Fuelled by FAT’