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Keto Myth #2

I can eat as much fat as I like’… INCORRECT! Fat is our fuel source when in ketosis, it even helps us keep a healthy gut and even though in my experience, I am able to consume nearly twice the calories from Fat than I can from Sugar (carbs) and even though weight gain or loss is fundamentally driven by hormones, there is a limit to how much the body can process until too much energy will cause weight gain. When in a ketogenic state, the fat cells waste energy through heat from using ketones for fuel, the more ketones we put in, the more fat we burn This is one of the reasons why when first beginning ketosis, we up our dietary fat intake, but as we become leaner, there’s less fat cells to waste energy, so the less fat we burn. When we get to this point, too much dietary fat can cause a stall or even weight gain. Regardless of which diet / lifestyle you choose to adopt, whether your energy comes from Carbs, Fat or Protein, if you put more in than you’re using, the excess will eventually store as fat. #ketodiet #keto #ketosis #ketogenic #ketoweighloss #ketoadapted #ketoforbeginners #ketofriendly #ketones # ketouk #ketoresults #ketosisdiet
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