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What is Ketosis? What is the Keto Diet?

We’ve all heard about the Ketogenic Diet all over the internet & social media recently…but what is it? What is Ketosis?…

Is Ketosis a Diet

Is Ketosis a Lifestyle?

It’s both of these, but ultimately, Ketosis is a Metabolic State.

When on a Carb Rich diet, the body breaks down these carbs into Glucose (sugar) and everything else we consume… Fructose from fruit for example, also breaks down into Glucose (sugar). Our body is fuelled by this Sugar. This metabolic state is called Glycolysis.

Any Glucose not used for fuel is stored in the Liver & Muscles as Glycogen, when these Glycogen stores are full, the body stores the rest as FAT to be used for fuel at a later date when food is scarce….The problem is in modern living…LATER NEVER COMES! So we continue to add to these fat stores.

When we Carb restrict, our body begins to use up the glycogen stored in the liver & muscle, once depleted, it looks for the next available energy source…FAT.

When this happens, our body is now a the Metabolic State of Ketosis… Burning FAT for fuel.

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