Keto Myths

Keto Myth No.1

'I have to eat lots of fat to get into Ketosis'... 


The amount of fat required to reach a ketogenic state is ZERO!

It's depleting your glycogen stores (glucose stored as energy) that pushes the body in to burning body fat for fuel.

Eating fat in keto is fine, we use this dietary fat for fuel... fat is your friend, but too much will result in only dietary fat being burned and not body fat, which is counter intuitive if your goal is weight loss.

Keto Myth No. 2

'I can eat as much fat as I like'...


Fat is our fuel source when in ketosis and even though in my experience, I am able to consume nearly twice the calories from Fat than I can from Sugar (carbs included) and even though weight gain or loss is fundamentally driven by hormones, there is a limit to how much the body can process until too much energy will cause weight gain. 

Regardless of which diet / lifestyle you choose to adopt, whether your energy comes from Carbs, Fat or Protein, if you put more in than you're using, the excess will eventually store as fat.

Keto Myth No. 3

'The higher my ketone reading, the more weight i'm going to lose!'...


When testing ketones, whether by keto test strips or by a ketone meter, the higher the reading means you are using more ketones for energy... which is fab... but, some of this may be from dietary fat and not body fat. So again, if your goal is weight loss you maybe eating lots of fat throughout the day giving you a higher ketone reading, but if this is mostly dietary fat, then you still may not lose the weight you were hoping to.

Keto Myth No. 4

'Keto is purely for weight loss'


Ketosis is a fantastic tool for burning body fat... that's what drew me to it initially.... but why have I stayed Ketogeic?...

I've stayed ketogenic for the health benefits... since being in keto (after the worst keto-flu ever) I've never felt better, I have more energy than ever, I'm fitter and stronger than ever before, I'm rarely ill, my bloods are the best they've ever been and the list goes on...

Keto is a way of life, not just for fat loss.

Keto Myth No. 5

'I need to eat fruit or take supplements for Vitamin C when in keto'...


Many low carb veggies are packed with vitamin C, kale, broccoli, many other dark leafy greens as well as bell peppers .

But do we need vitamin C when in keto? 

Vitamin C deficiency is usually the result of a high carb diet as both fight for access to the same metabolic pathways...

If you eat lots of carbs... you'll need to eat lots of vitamin C, if you don't eat many carbs.... you can see where I'm going with this!