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Keto Cook Book | Keto Kitchen Delicious recipes for energy and weight loss

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“I’ve generally avoided Keto cooks books as many display absolutely delicious dishes, but lack the fundamentals for a keto lifestyle… LOW CARB!
KETO KITCHEN by the highly talented Monya Kilian Palmer not only keeps this at the forefront of each dish with every meal being low carb, but they are INCREDIBLY DELICIOUS too!!!
I was even further impressed by the first few pages as Monya has gone to the effort to explain the basics behind the Keto Lifestyle, how it works and even about the macronutrients.
Monya also goes beyond this to write further about the macronutrients, how insulin works and how it is effected by the carbohydrates / sugars we eat.
The next few pages tell us about the Keto Freindly foods and how to start the Keto Lifestyle.
This book is so much more than a Keto Cook Book!

Monya has nailed the selection of keto meals, breaking them down into:

✅ Broths, breads and bases
✅ Breakfast
✅ Meal and vegetable side dishes
✅ Snacks on the go
✅ Sweet treats

Highly recommended” 


Following a low-carb, high-fat ketogenic diet helps you lose weight, feel great and enjoy better energy and mental clarity. More and more people are turning to this healthy and delicious way of eating, but with lots of information about macronutrients and ketosis, it can be hard to know where to begin. Keto Kitchen makes it easy, with simple, delicious and inspiring recipes that fit into your busy lifestyle.

This fantastic collection of recipes has been created by talented chef and keto devotee Monya Kilian Palmer, who has used her skill in the kitchen to put together a comprehensive selection of culinary delights that make it easy and enjoyable to eat keto. From Brown-Butter Scrambled Eggs to Slow-cooked Lamb Shoulder with Roast Cherry Tomatoes, every recipe is packed with flavour and nutrients. There are even desserts, including a Dark Chocolate and Raspberry Tart and Lime Cheesecake. The dishes are rich, indulgent and tasty – this is not diet food as you know it. 


Monya is a chef and culinary consultant originally from Cape Town, South Africa. Since moving to the UK in 2012, she has worked for both Heston Blumenthal’s Fat Duck Group and Le Cordon Bleu International. Monya is a passionate ambassador of the ketogenic lifestyle and has used her skills in the kitchen to publish her first cookbook (Keto Kitchen, KYLE BOOKS 2020). Monya lives in Berkshire with her husband Mark and their two dogs, Mr Higgins and Maggie Mae.

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