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***EFFORTLESS KETOSIS – Perfect Keto exogenous ketones get you in ketosis. Perfect Keto’s beta-hydroxybutyrates (BHB) formula was designed for those on a ketogenic diet, or others who may struggle to get back into ketosis after eating carbs. Perfect Keto raises blood ketone levels, improving athletic endurance, mental performance, and energy levels. Sustained ketosis has even been known to aid in weight loss efforts***

What Is Keto Base? 
Made from high-quality beta hydroxy-butrate (BHB), with no fillers or additives, Keto Base makes it far easier to enter a state of ketosis. And stay there.
It can be difficult to keep to a strict ketogenic diet or even get into ketosis when you are diligently counting calories. Having a doctor-developed nutritional powder can make all the difference for your weight loss, overall health, and focus. 
The benefits of ketosis after using Keto Base:
  • Increased weight loss
  • Increased focus
  • More energy, for improved athletic performance
  • Sustain higher energy levels
  • Decreased inflammation
We uniquely don’t use any additives: Perfect Keto Base contains zero carbs, zero gums or fillers, and zero sugars. Check the labels of other exogenous ketone products and you’ll find plenty of junk. Not here — or it wouldn’t be doctor approved.
How to use:
You can mix Perfect Keto Base with water, coconut milk, almond milk, coffee, shakes, or any low- or no-carb drink. No blender required. It’s the best-tasting exogenous ketone supplement out there with none of that bitter, tangy taste you get from other exogenous ketone supplements (that use fillers and artificial ingredients).
When to use:
Perfect Keto Base can be used in the morning for an energy boost and to immediately raise ketone levels, plus before workouts for increased performance, or any time throughout the day to boost ketone levels and thereby reduce inflammation and improve energy.
For the best results, take ketones on an empty stomach.
With Perfect Keto Base, you get into ketosis any time and anywhere. Consider it your secret weapon.

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