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QUICK KETOSIS 5 days, 523 kcal/day Shakes | Meal Replacement | QUICK START YOUR KETOSIS

Advantages and Benefits of the Diet:

  •  short duration and an easy-to-adapt 5-day dietary plan
  •  quick and easy preparation
  •  fast weight loss: 5 kg or 6% of body mass
  •  efficient burning of fatty tissue
  •  muscular system support: minimal loss of muscle tissue
  •  no yo-yo effect after finishing the diet
  •  advisable for slightly overweight people and those with sedentary lifestyle
  •  an easy to complete diet plan suitable for cyclic use several times a year
The Islaverde® Very Low-Calorie Ketogenic Diets consist in 13% of carbohydrates, in 25-30% of protein and in 60% of plant fats. Their extremely low carbohydrate content causes the body to start obtaining energy from burning  its own fatty tissue as early as on the 2nd  or 3rd   day of the diet due to the lack of glycogen, which, in turn, is obtained almost exclusively from carbohydrates. In other words, the body enters the state of ketosis, which stabilises its hormonal activity and significantly decreases the feeling of hunger. The body is “learning” how to burn  fatty tissue efficiently and it accelerates its metabolic activity, as proven by research less than two decades ago on a large-group of overweight and obese people.
Owing to this mechanism, the QUICK KETOSIS Diet brings surprisingly beneficial weight-loss results – quick reduction of fatty tissue and minimal loss of fat-free mass (FFM), or muscle tissue. The weight loss may be as high as 5  kg or 6%  of the body mass from before the diet.
Before purchasing our products you should consult a physician in order to make sure there are no contraindications for applying the diet. Our diets should not be applied during treatment of existing diseases, as well as by pregnant and breastfeeding women.
During the diet – in addition to the proper hydration – it’s advisable to supply the body with natural alkalisers in order to prevent excessive acidification. Moreover, one should make sure to provide the body with adequate rest, as well as with 7 to 8 hours of a restorative, soundly night’s sleep, and to get enough moderate outdoor activities. When the diet has been finished it’s a good idea to fuel the body with high-quality vitamin and mineral preparations, as well as microelements for at least 4 weeks.


The 5-day, 500 kcal-per-day Islaverde® QUICK KETOSIS Very Low-Calorie Ketogenic Diet provides a complete meal replacement plan for 5 days and consists of:
  • 15 sachets containing a protein-coconut-cocoa blend (20 g each)
  • 10 sachets containing a protein-coconut-chokeberry blend (20 g each)
The sachets’ contents are used to prepare drinks by adding them to water, preferably in a blender. The cocoa blend (20 g) should be mixed with 250 ml of hot water, and the obtained drink is to be consumed for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The chokeberry blend (20 g) should be mixed  with 250 ml of warm water (no hotter than 50°C) and the obtained drink is to be consumed as morning and afternoon snack. Every drink has an energy value of about 100 kcal.
The drinks may be sweetened, but only with calorie-free and preferably natural sweeteners, such as stevia.

Daily plan of the QUICK KETOSIS Diet:

Cocoa blend (20 g)
Morning snack
Chokeberry blend (20 g)
Cocoa blend (20 g)
Afternoon snack
Chokeberry blend (20 g)
Cocoa blend (20 g)
During the time between meals, one should make sure to stay hydrated; the consumption of a minimum of 1.5 to 2 litres of liquids (i.e. water and various types of green, fruit or herbal tea) is advised.
Type : VLC-KD
kcal / day : 523
Duration : 5 days
Weight loss : 5 kg
Activity :low


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