Xucker Erythritol All Natural Sweetener – 50 x 5 g Sachets – 0g Net Carbs



Xucker Erythritol All Natural Sweetener
50 x 5 g Sachets
***0g Net Carbs!!!***
100g Carbs – 100g Polyols (Erythritol)
The perfect replacment for your sugar cravings!
We recommend not using sweeteners when in Keto, as it makes it harder to flight your sugar cravings over time, but this is the perfect replacement for when you need to.
Erythritol is a natural sweetener occurs in some vegetables and fruits, it is safe for diabetic or anyone seeking
a healthier lifestyle. Erythritol contains virtually no calories (95% less calories than table sugar). 
Perfect for sweetening coffee, tea and other drinks.
– Zero Calories – Convenient 5 g sachets – Dental Friendly – No After Taste – Suitable for Diabetics and Dieters – 100% GMO free

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